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1. Project Objectives: to build a zone focusing on developing industrial projects of manufacturing components, equipment, machinery, electrical, electronics, apparel, supporting industry ... or developing specialized, multidisciplinary industrial clusters.

2. Location:

- Location: Van Hung commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. To the center of Van Ninh district about 20 km. To Nha Trang city about 35 km. To Ho Chi Minh city about 480 km. This project is inside Van Phong Economic Zone of Khanh Hoa province.

- Area: about 300 ha.

- Boundaries:  It borders Van Hung residential area in the North; Dong Bac Ninh Hoa development urban planning area in the South and in the East; National Highway 1A in the West.

- Current status of the land: production forest land, woodland, agricultural land, bare land, ...

3. Natural conditions

Topography has the basic characteristics of the coastal low-hills, the terrain is relatively flat. Geology is quite good, stable.

This area in the South Central coastal climate, relatively mild climate. The annual average temperature is 26,80C. The average annual sunshine hours up to: 2,158 h/year. Average annual rainfall: 1.800mm and less storm.

4. Currently status of infrastructure:

- Water supply: water supply systems from Da Ban lake (75 million m3) and Dong Dien lake (100 million m3) are being invested, satisfy the demand of water during construction and operation of the project.

- Power supply: Electricity from national grid line 220KV can satisfy the needs of electric power during construction and operation of the project.

- Telecommunication: the curent telecommunication system can satisfy the demands of investors.

- Transport infrastructure: National highway 1A and North-South railway are very closed to the zone; about 75 km to Cam Ranh international airport; about 10 km to Hon Khoi port (operating), about 65 km to Bac Van Phong general port (receiving vessels of 50.000 DWT) and Van Phong international transshipment port; about 15 km to Nam Van Phong general port (under construction).

- Training labor: Khanh Hoa province has 6 universities, 1 vocational college, 7 vocational training centres. When preparing the project investor can contract training on demand.


1. Advantages

- The area is adjacent to new Dong Bac Coastal Urban planning zone (550 ha) should be favorable to develop the model of coastal industrial development – services - urban zone.

- There are convenient transport conditions both on road, railway, and airway and at sea, available infrastructure, are operationg or under contruction. Convenient connection with the Central Highlands region.

- Population density is low, convenient for land clearance of the project.

- The goverment implementing site clearance and hand over to investor.

- Located in Van Phong Economic Zone should enjoy the best investment incentives in accordance with law.

2. Disadvantages

- Land hasn't land clearance; time, the cost of land clearance can be factors affecting the progress of project.

- Not near the economic focal regions in the South, (HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai ...).


1. Preferrential policies

a) Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax

+ Corporate income tax rate of 10% for 15 years. Tax exemption for 4 years and reduction 50% for 9 subsequent years.

+ Reduction 50% of personal income tax for individuals working in industrial zone.

b) Import duties

+ Exemption for raw materials and components which cannot be domestically manufactured imported to process for 05 years after the commencement of production.

+ Exemption for goods imported to create fixed assets of projects entitled to investment incentives as prescribed by regulations of law on investment.

c) Land and water surface rental:

+ The land and water surface rental shall be exempted during the fundamental construction period for at most 3 years from the effective date of the land lease decision.

After this incentive period above, land and water surface rental shall be exempted as follow:

+ Projects in the List of domains entitled to special investment incentives are exempted from land and water surface rental for the whole life of projects.

+ Projects in the List of domains entitled to investment incentives are exempted from land and water surface rental for fifteen (15) years.

+ Projects, which are not listed as above, are exempted from the land and water surface rental for eleven (11) years.

2. Investment support policies.

- Can loan from Khanh Hoa Development Fund and offset interest rate. The rate of compensation as decided by Khanh Hoa People's Committee.

- Investors suggested other support policies, Khanh Hoa People's Committee considered and decided.


Van Phong Economic Zone Management Board

- Address: No. 04-06 Le Thanh Phuong street, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

- Tel: +84.58.3560588 - Fax: +84.58.3560494

- Email: bqlvp @

- Website: